The Dalton Brothers were born in Waco, Texas in the mid 1980's and they grew up in a small town outside of Austin called New Braunfels. It was there that they first experienced the feeling of creating music. As they began to hone the gifts that God imparted, they grew and soon became time tested musicians of Heart, Body & Mind. They "longed to move the heart of Men towards God" as Spencer once put it. As this universal language of sound developed within them, they started to branch out from their local community to go into other States which quickly turned into other Countries & Continents far from their home. These experiences forged a new found identity within them both. Thrusting them ever further into the experiment of controlled noise and emotion. The untamed performance of music on a stage of energy & light, pouring from the souls of two young brothers quickly caught the eye of Music Industry Executives John & Dino Elefante, who not long after signed the Brothers to their 1st record deal. With the younger of the two brothers being under the legal age of 18, His Father had to sign His papers for Him and so the Union was made between Preston & Spencer Dalton and Selectric Records under Provident & Sony Music Groups. This sparked a new fire within the boys. They not only had a vision for the songs in their hearts, they had funding to back it up. As they prepared to record their Freshman Album, they took many months to sharpen the sound that they had discovered within themselves much earlier in time. 



The recording of the Album came to a finish and was soon after, titled "Taste The Sky", which brought them a single that landed at #14 on Radio. In awe of the reviews they received, the Brothers were unprepared for what would lay ahead of them in the following months. The President of Sony called… He had heard "Taste The Sky" and was quite taken back at the strength of the Album. In fact He was so excited about it, He asked if the Brothers would be interested in signing directly with Sony Major for a six figure deal. Little did the Brothers know, the week Don Ienner was offering them this deal would be the same week He would quit Sony after 20 years of being with the Company. It turned out that there was a power struggle between Clive Davis & Ienner for the Presidents Chair at newly merged Sony/BMG. As this bright, new horizon faded into dark clouds, the news would quickly get worse. With Selectric Records preparing to pour big money into a "Taste The Sky Tour" to promote the new Album, news reached the owners that their labels Multi-Million Dollar investor pulled out with no explanation. Soon after, the Label folded, leaving the Brothers an Album on the shelves of every major CD seller in the Country but no label to promote them. Preston & Spencer quickly held onto the Dreams that had gotten them this far and their trust in the calling of God was only deepened with this experience. So they continued to take action in anyway they knew how. As they did this, things began to look up. They had finalized a 50 date tour around the United States with a platinum-selling band named Sonicflood. What began as a dying dream would soon grow into a new, uncharted adventure for the Brothers. 



After many names, faces and places passed them by and the U.S. Tour came to a close, they found themselves longing to be in the studio once again to create the sounds coming from their souls and who better to accompany them into this unknown territory than newly founded friend, Stephen Short. A Grammy Award winning Producer known for his work with Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Chaka Khan, Paul McCartney of the Beatles and numerous others. They also called on friend, Roy Mitchell of MuteMath to come and play bass on the new project, adding His vast expertise of musical emotion to the already fueled determination of the Brothers.  The "Dalton Ep", a landmark in the Lives of the Brothers, with souring vocals singing the words "God, We Will Hold On To Hope". Now the Anthem of two young Men on a visionaries pursuit for life changing sounds. They had stepped into a new realm of desires, hopes, dreams & maturity only tested with time and trials. 



Feeling drawn to a city where music never sleeps, the brothers decided to uproot their life long home of Texas & re-establish themselves in Nashville, Tennessee. Little did they know, this move would play a crucial role in the lives of the Dalton Brothers as they would soon step into a new era of musical creation. Not long after being in Nashville, their talent of creating music would become very evident to the Artists around them. The Brothers decided to open their private studio of creation & experimentation to the outside world of Artists, drawing in those that desired to capture the same experience & emotions found in the Dalton's themselves. The first Band being their former tour mates, "Sonicflood", who soon after asked the brothers to join the Band. They toured for a short time but with their Studio in such high demand, they found themselves needing to come off the road in order to meet the demand of their Studio and Production Company. At this time, the Dalton Brothers reside in Nashville, Tennessee where they continue to make music that moves the soul. 


Preston and Spencer Dalton have been honored to share the studio or stage with such artists as...